Mercedes-Benz to set up 21 EV charging stations in Bangladesh

EV charging stations

Mercedes-Benz, through its sole distributor Rancon Motors, has partnered with Genex Infrastructure to establish a network of 21 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across Bangladesh.

This initiative aims to provide charging infrastructure ahead of the launch of Mercedes-Benz’s EQ series EVs in April.

Initially, seven stations will be set up in Dhaka, with 14 more strategically placed in key locations across the country. This move reflects Rancon’s commitment to environmental responsibility and bringing cutting-edge electric mobility to Bangladeshi customers.

The collaboration comes as EV sales gain traction in Bangladesh, with around 80 units already registered, including brands like Audi, Tesla, and BMW. Rancon, the third company to officially announce charging station plans, sees EVs as the future of the market due to lower servicing needs and import taxes compared to fossil fuel vehicles.

Initially, charging will be free for Mercedes customers, while others can pay a reasonable fee. The stations will cater to various needs, being located at premium hotels, tourist destinations, restaurants, malls, and commercial areas.

Both Rancon and Genex emphasize their commitment to ‘Smart Bangladesh’ by promoting EV adoption and ensuring a seamless experience for customers through these charging stations.

They anticipate rising demand as more people embrace EVs, and their dedicated teams are prepared for the project’s successful completion.

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