India’s semiconductor industry to create 1.2 million jobs

semiconductor industry

The semiconductor industry of India will require 275,000 professionals.

India is on the path to becoming a major semiconductor manufacturing hub, and this growth will generate a demand for 1.2 million jobs across the sector. 

Jaya Jagadish, the Country Head of AMD India and Chairperson of the Semicon Talent Building Committee (TBC), disclosed this information.

The job requirements encompass various roles, including engineers, operators, and technicians. 

In particular, the chip design segment alone will require 275,000 professionals, spanning undergraduates, diploma holders, master’s graduates, Ph.D. holders, and postdoctoral researchers. 

Over the past two decades, the Indian chip design sector has evolved significantly, with major semiconductor players establishing design centers in the country. However, the manufacturing sector necessitates both capital investment and skilled workers. Various incentives have been proposed to expedite its growth.

Despite the abundance of talent, there is an issue with the job readiness of the workforce. A gap in skills is outlined in ongoing initiatives to address it. For instance, based on the TBC’s recommendations, the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has revamped curricula in 300 engineering colleges.

In addition to long-term efforts, short-term reskilling and upskilling programs are being rolled out. Practical experience is being integrated into student education. Experts suggest the importance of collaboration between industry, academia, and government to build a robust talent landscape, highlighting active efforts from all stakeholders in pursuing this goal.

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